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I switched to "daily" contact lenses and I absolutely love them. I don't have to worry about purchasing solutions or cleaning them.  Dr. Ashcraft is very fast and efficient and always takes the time to answer any questions or concerns.

Taryn Reynolds

Los Angeles

I was having some trouble with dry eye and wearing soft contact lenses.....I asked Dr. Ashcraft, "Is there anything available that would give me the comfort and the vision correction of the old gas permeable lenses?"  He told me about Synergy contact lenses.....I have been wearing them for just about 2 years....it gives me the great vision correction but with more of the comfort of the soft lenses.  I would really recommend the Synergy lenses.

Lynn Eaton

My name is Bill and about a year ago Dr. Ashcraft recommended a pair of glasses.....with a progressive lens for computer usage.  I was explaining to him that my eyes got very tired looking at images.  I use Photoshop for doing slide shows.  I was getting eye strain because I couldn't use the short lenses because I would have to sit too close so nothing was comfortable for me, so he put together a lens for me that is a progressive particularly for the distance between my face the the computer.  Ever since I've been using these my problems have gone away.

Bill Esser

 My name is Allan Buller and Iíve been coming to see Dr. Ashcraft for eye care for probably about 20 years. Iíve been very happy coming here. I originally came here to get soft lenses, soft contact lenses, but after talking with Dr. Ashcraft he mentioned that the best thing in my case is to get the rigid gas permeable lens because they would hold my eye to the correct shape and over the long run my vision wouldnít deteriorate as much. It seems like thatís whatís happened. There have been times that Iíve come in after a couple years to check my vision and thereís been very little change so we continued with my prescription....I was very happy with the gas permeable lenses. I also go surfing a lot and they recommended that I use a daily disposable soft lens for that. So Iíve been really happy with the care I get here. I feel that not only are my vision needs met for the immediate future but for the long term health care and benefit for my eye sit. For 20 years Iíve been very happy and I see as good as ever.

Allan Buller

My name is Rainell Gadson. Three weeks ago I came to Dr. Ashcraftís office to get an eye exam. The best experience Iíve ever had my entire life. Iíve had Kaiser for several years and the exam that Iíve had at this doctorís office was really great. Everything was explained thoroughly where I understood exactly what was going on. I would recommend him and his staff to all my family and friends.

Rainell Gadson

Hi my name is Sara Gallina. I just got Lasik surgery about a week and a half ago. I was very near sighted couldnít see 5 feet in front of me. My eyes were really blurry, very near sighted. So I decided to get Lasik and it was the best decision I ever made. I was very nervous, very apprehensive going into it because youíre having surgery on your eyes and only have two eyes. So I went in, everything was fine, everything went really well. It was fast, they got me in and out. Painless, practically painless and now I can see perfectly. It was the best decision I ever made, so I recommend it to everyone.

Sara Gallina

Hi, my name is Pat. I was having some difficulty with my work because I look at a computer screen and I look at the papers on my desk and I wasnít able to read what was on my desk. So Dr. Ashcraft suggested that I have computer glasses along with driving glasses. And the computer glasses were set up for not as much distance but a progressive lens to look at the desk and look at the computer. Its just made all the difference in the world. I can see the computer and I can see the papers on my desk with out squinting and without shifting my glasses around and I just really like and I am very happy.

Pat Ibsen











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